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It All Begins With Inspiration

Inspiration – (Definition from Merriam‑Webster) “Something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create : a force or influence that … Continue reading

April 21, 2015 · Leave a comment

An Essential Guide for Music Parents

Our kids are busy with so many activities today it’s hard to know how to prioritize and find the time to support them in everything they do. I know, I’ve … Continue reading

October 1, 2014 · Leave a comment

What do teens want from their parents?

Originally posted on Teen Talk:
By: Charlotte Villemoes, LMFT ACS On-Campus Counseling Site Director at Woodside High School Before I make a call home to a parent, I always ask the…

December 22, 2013 · Leave a comment

Stay in Touch

It’s been a few weeks since Saying Goodbye. And we are doing just fine. We’re all busy – but we’re finding ways to stay in touch. Most of the time, … Continue reading

September 13, 2013 · Leave a comment

Defining Things Teenagers Say: Swerve

Sometimes the things teenagers say don’t make sense. Don’t worry, this is supposed to happen. It’s all part of the master plan. Your teenagers are supposed to start breaking away … Continue reading

June 21, 2013 · 12 Comments

4 Reasons This Parent Loves Texting

As a parent of two teenagers and a 20-year-old college sophomore, I have fallen in love with texting. We are one of those families that use texting to communicate every day. … Continue reading

February 25, 2013 · 8 Comments

With Thanks to Alicia Keys

I don’t know what got into me last night – maybe I’d been working at the computer too long and had come down with some sort of writer’s delirium, but … Continue reading

January 17, 2013 · 4 Comments

Memoirs of an A Capella Sleepover

This past weekend, I thought I was in heaven. I started to write about the experience: “Right now there are at least 12 male voices echoing in my basement (more … Continue reading

January 10, 2013 · 13 Comments

Marching Band: She Found a Way to Play

If you need a reminder that supporting your children is the right thing to do, I have a story for you. I had forgotten that my mom played in a … Continue reading

December 10, 2012 · 5 Comments

YOLO! And Other Things Teenagers Say…

Let’s face it – teenagers say lots of things we can’t repeat! They are testing their independence, their intelligence, and their hormones! But, there are some endearing things they say … Continue reading

July 16, 2012 · 3 Comments

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