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An Essential Guide for Music Parents

Our kids are busy with so many activities today it’s hard to know how to prioritize and find the time to support them in everything they do. I know, I’ve … Continue reading

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Highlighting Accomplished Youth

In it’s third year, the New England RADAR Awards presented by Pavoh highlights the accomplishments of talented youth bands and singer-songwriters from all over New England. The award was designed … Continue reading

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There’s a little girl

There’s a little girl seated in front of me on the plane. She’s about three and she’s talking nonstop. This little voice is so engaging. Maybe it sounds familiar. It … Continue reading

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Music education takes a lesson from the students in Boston

INTRODUCTION: The Boston Public Schools (BPS) has increased the amount of arts instruction (including youth music programs) students in PreK-12 receive throughout their school day. The initiative called: BPS Arts … Continue reading

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It All Begins With Inspiration

Inspiration – (Definition from Merriam‑Webster) “Something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create : a force or influence that … Continue reading

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Being an Idol Judge

As a music lover and a music parent, I’ve enjoyed countless concerts, plays and performances. I love live performance! I also enjoy checking in on television’s live music offerings and … Continue reading

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What I Want for Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, there are lots of ways to show your love and appreciation for mom. You can send flowery cards with hearts and sweet sentiments. You can buy decadent chocolates, make dinner … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Market Your Band For FREE!

Here’s how! This article was written by Laura Lamere and originally published on the website for young musicians and their parents – ____________________________________ As you’ve probably heard, the music … Continue reading

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Peepin’ the swag and other musings

Over the New Year break, I had a great vacation with my family and a much needed mental rest. While away, we encountered everything from beautiful weather to cancelled flights … Continue reading

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What do teens want from their parents?

Originally posted on Teen Talk:
By: Charlotte Villemoes, LMFT ACS On-Campus Counseling Site Director at Woodside High School Before I make a call home to a parent, I always ask the…

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