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Laura Lamere

Hi, I’m Laura Lamere, rocker mom (or just insert mom of creative kids – one of whom happened to sing in a rock band and now sings a cappella in college), writer and former public relations executive.

I started blogging as a way to share my experiences as a music parent. At the time, my eldest son, my musician and singer, was off to college – leaving me with a rather large hole to fill in my heart and in my life. Writing made me feel a little better. And my fellow bloggers became an inspiration.

Today, I’m also an entrepreneur and founder of Pavoh, Inc. a 501(c)(3) created to support young musicians and their parents. The idea for Pavoh grew from my experiences trying to support my son’s indie rock band – and from talking to other parents and young musicians.

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54 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Bonsoir Laura,
    J’avais une petite pensée pour vous et votre famille, et je me suis dis que ça faisait longtemps que je ne vous avais pas envoyé de message. Je tiens à vous souhaiter une excellente année 2013 à vous et votre famille ! With my best wishes !
    I hope to see you soon, maybe in a next exchange between Persan and the Milton.
    Bonjour à toute la famille, je vous embrasse.


    • Bonsoir Sabrina ! My French is pitiful, but I understand the message – thanks for stopping by to wish us a Happy New Year! I too, hope we will see each other again – how is your music? Much love, Laura (and family!)

  2. I’m a writer and I’ve re-started playing guitar after a 15-year absence. I know what it’s like to be a creative kid and adult — the ups AND the downs — and I believe what you’re doing here is awesome. Tell your son to never stop his playing (like I foolishly did years ago) because the experience he gets from playing his music will spread into every other aspect of his life. I play when I get writer’s block — which seriously helped me earn my 4.0 in graduate school! Music really does increase brain power! Good luck to you on your blog, all of your other projects, and everything else you do!

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  4. Hi Laura —You are truly an inspiration for every mom (I have two kids that I am insane about) — moms need to be the ‘rock’ their kids need. I am so pleased to meet you in the blog-o-sphere! I am an aspiring novelist and short story writer (find me at http://modscheherzade.wordpress.com) and I am blown away by the every day stuff my kids do all the time. They learn so quickly, they do tons of activities it seems and are busier than I was at their age. Congratulations to your son and you!

    • OMG! I am so excited! I am so inspired to be nominated – really – it’s been a rough couple of weeks personally and sometimes it’s hard to find the inspiration needed to write. Thanks so much for your support. I’m getting my son off to college this weekend, but will post about the award soon. BTW, is it legal to include the nominator in the list of inspiring blog nominations? You have inspired me with your work and talents – Bravo!

      • College! Wow – congratulations on that! I’m sure that EVERYTHING will work out just the way it’s supposed to. Thanks for the Bravo, that means a lot to me. As for the legalities of who you can nominate let’s just say I won’t fight it if you feel so inclined…

  5. Hi Laura! Wow, you’re an incredible mom! Your son is lucky to have you :)
    Thanks for stopping by my page and I look forward to hearing more about your great work!

  6. Hi Laura. Thanks for re-blogging my post. I’ve read some of your work here on your blog and love your passion and what you’re doing. I’ve spent my career in the arts, so naturally I find a connection with your work. Thank you! -Jeanie

    • Hi Jeanie – it’s been a while since you last visited and left this nice comment – but just wanted to say thanks! Sorry I missed your note – hope you’ll stop by again!

  7. Hi Laura !
    I was surfing on severals blogs about music and what I found ? Your blog !
    It’s a real pleasure to read what you write, it’s very inspiring. I can read in your words that to be a parent and a writer is not just a plesure but a life !

    I’d like you to know that I haven’t forget you and the special moment I spent to you with my french friends =) Sometimes I think about it and it makes me smile. I hope one day I could come back and visit your country.

    Hope to hear about, and sorry for my english. Say hi to the family.
    Gros bisous de Paris !


    • Hey Sabrina – so nice to hear from you (and your English is great)! Thanks for leaving a comment! We remember your visit to the US fondly! How is your guitar playing? It was very impressive to hear you play. I hope you keep it up!

      • I keep on playing the guitar even if it’s difficult because of my studies. To me, I don’t play enough, unfortunately. When I know exams are finished, I’ve no homework I can do what I want and I play non stop !

  8. Hey Laura!
    What a great story about helping the young ones find creative outlets…we need lots of parents like you!!! Thanks for stopping in and all the best in 2012. :)

    • Mel, I really appreciate your comment. Thanks for taking the time! Looking forward to Thanksgiving with all the kids together – not sure if we’ll be treated to any songs (?). I’ve been enjoying your blog and photos – enjoy the holiday!

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